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Sport americani (NFL, MLB, NHL, ...)

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NON È UN PROBLEMA DI OBAMA O TRUMP.  NON È UN PROBLEMA DI RISPETTO DELLA BANDIERA O DELL'INNO O DEI SOLDATI.  La morale la puoi fare quando hai capito il problema, non prima. Esattamente com

L'ho vista nel pomeriggio di ieri....ma alla fine ero distrutto dalla gioia e solo in serata mi sono dato una calmata per vedermi l'altra partita  Onestamente non ci sto capendo più un cazzo   inc

Mi sembra di intuire che i Buccaneers siano i nuovi Warriors

Posted Images

The Baltimore Orioles haven't reached the Major League Baseball playoffs since 1997 and nowhere was their lack of experience on the big stage more glaring than in the visitor's dugout during Game 1 of the ALDS on Sunday night.


What happened there? It wasn't something the Orioles themselves did. Instead, two Maryland state troopers, part of the security force at Camden Yards, asked a pair of New York Yankees stars — Nick Swisher and Derek Jeter — for their autographs. During the ninth inning! The Yankees went on to beat the Orioles 7-2, but not before Jeter and Swisher were shaking their heads at the faux pas.


In a piece subtitled "Stupor Troopers," the New York Post dishes the details:

"Swish was livid,'' said a person who witnessed the stupid request.

Asked if that ever happened before, Jeter said, "What do you think?"


Law enforcement officials are no strangers to big league dugouts, but after last night's behavior it's likely the Yankees will attempt to have those two troopers removed from their dugout for tonight's Game 2.

Update: A spokesperson for the Maryland State Police has responded, the Baltimore Sun reports:

Greg Shipley ... said he could not confirm troopers had asked for autographs but said the MSP is investigating the claim and has "reacted as if it did happen."


Lt. Col. Andrew J. McAndrew, the MSP's field operations bureau chief, was at Monday night's game to remind troopers of their duties and to oversee their actions, Shipley said. Officers routinely provide security at Camden Yards, with an increased presence during important, highly attended games.

Shipley called McAndrew a "pretty high-powered person" for troopers to hear from directly, and said the message won't be missed.


This should satisfy the Yankees and set things right. No sense in making Nick Swisher mad again. He's usually smiling ear to ear, even when you know he couldn't possibly be happy. And this happened in the ninth? I hope this doesn't mean one of the troopers followed Jeter to the toilet since that's where he said he was during Russell Martin's big homer. That would be doubly inappropriate. Perhaps triply or quadruply. If there's one place players shouldn't be expected to sign autographs, it's in the dugout in the ninth inning. If there's a second place, it's the bathroom.



Besides, it's a big no-no for ballpark rank-and-file employees, be they security or beer vendors or media, to ask for autographs. It even says so on media passes: "NO AUTOGRAPHS." Exceptions are made occasionally — like after a game, or after a season, and only if the player and regular person are familiar with each other. It's possible the troopers weren't so thoroughly warned, but even though Camden Yards was hosting its first playoff game in 15 years, they should have known better regardless.

If the Orioles would just do better at making the playoffs — say, once every five years — this can be avoided in the future.



Io lo vado ripetendo da agosto che gli O's sono la classica squadra da film. Ora pure questa storia degli autografi. Ho una paura fottuta dell'upset. :byesconsolato

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The Washington Redskins cut Billy Cundiff on Tuesday, the second time the kicker has been released this season.


The Redskins announced they released the 32-year-old Cundiff, who had missed four of six field goal attempts the past two games, and signed former UCLA placekicker Kai Forbath.



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Vabbè, semplicemente assurdo.

Lo mettono nel nono come PH, al posto di A-Rod... 1 ball, e poì HR.

Torna sul piatto nel dodicesimo... Questa volta manco 1 ball, subito mazza girata e pallina fuori dal campo.


L'aveva già fatto qualche settimana fa contro gli A's, in un incredibile 14° inning dove eran sotto di 4 e li fece pareggiare, e poì contro i Red Sox...


Semplicemente pazzesco :saswtf:


E non parliamo ovviamente di quel che han combinato gli A's stanotte... :obamanotbad:

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ESPN con queste classifiche fa solo danni...


Vedere Brady dietro a Rodgers, Peyton e Brees dietro ad Ely fa male al football. Addirittura Big Ben fuori dal quintetto... bah... :chetristezza


To me: 1)Tom 2)Manning serio 3)Big Ben 4)Rodgers 5)Brees

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